About Us

Welcome to Health Care Pathology Laboratory

Health Care Pathology Laboratory was started in 2014 with the aim of enhancing patient care through high quality lab investigations. Since then the laboratory has been recognized as one of the most reputed medical testing laboratories in your area with affordable cost.Our team of doctors make sure that they see the patient behind every sample, use all the medical and technological advancements at their disposal to ensure a quality report to the patient, in quick time, and at an affordable price!

Mr. Sambhaji Bade, the CEO comes into the industry with 8 years of robust and expert work experience with deep focus in Lab technician, micro department. He holds exceptional experience in the healthcare field, providing effective care with careful medical attention to customers. Mr. Sambhaji Bade has completed his graduation from Aurangabad University and has completed his Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) from HRDE Council Mumbai. He’s also a post graduate from Kalinga University and has been practising Lab Science since 2015. His expertise and knowledge lies in departments like Elisa, Micro, Immunoassay, Haematology, Biochemistry also following great practice as a Lab Technician and Micro Department. His Medical Degree includes MD, DNB and AFIH from the University of Mumbai. Not just this, he has also completed BSc MLT,BSC & MICRO. So, you know he has all his expertise in delivering the best service and medical attention.

Mr. Sambhaji Bade contributes all his experience and time to the well-being of the communities by enabling other medical professionals to understand and learn about these medical expertise for the betterment of patients. His primary vision is to be the most dynamic and trusted in the diagnostic industry by providing exceptional customer experience through science, people and technology with complete focus on innovation, and quality.